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My Blog starts today 4/28/2020

"These are very interesting times"

- Many people everyday.

These past couple of months resonate with one of our favorite platitudes. To me and to all around me, these past couple of days brought forward a sharp discontinuous jump in their academic trajectory. In the midst of the most important semester of my academic career, as of yet, the country closed down and our usual academic setting was recreated. A lot of us, including myself, were and are set to do our comprehensive exams or PhD defense this semester. Despite the turbulence we have carried on the scheduled exams and defenses as plan. I shall be doing my comprehensive exam in 10 days on may 8th and am pretty nervous. This exam has consumed my life for the past 4 months and at times I have honestly felt silly feeling so very compressed when the world around me is spinning out of control due to Covid 19. Covid 19 has been detrimental to our way of life and pushing forward despite this roadblock is our duty, we have no time to pity ourselves or allow ourselves to be overwhelmed, we must be stronger than ever. As the state of the world became grimmer and grimmer my drive to successful complete my comprehensive exam became those most affected by the pandemic. Realizing how strong they are in real time made me realize how strong I can be. So no excuses!

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